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Metro 2 Sep 2021


“Founder of the website Kayleigh Daniels Dated Almaz Ohene has teamed up with The Candid Collective for a series of online sexuality workshops that are all about awakening your experimental side. Over a 75-minute Zoom call, you can explore topics related to sexual expression such as ‘Cultivating Consent Culture’ and ‘Improving Intimacy’” – ‘Developing sexual expression and understanding intimacy’, TimeOut, July 2020

“Kayleigh’s exploits have caught the attention of German filmmakers Yana Stallein and Romina Schade who have made a new documentary film short about Almaz titled ‘As Bare As You Dare: Pure Fiction’. Which is pretty awesome, and on Friday 6th March you can watch the premiere as part of a specially curated event: ‘What Went Where?! Sexualities on Screen’”, – Rosanna Etc, March 2020

“For the most part, sex-positive advocates congregate online: you’ll find them documenting their sexcapades on blogs such as Kayleigh Daniels Dated, written from the perspective of a fictional woman who “owns her sexuality; and The Casual Sex Project, which invites real people to share their one-night stands.” – ‘‘If you’re going to watch porn, know it’s not real’: meet Britain’s sex-positive influencers’, The Guardian, February 2020

Interviewed for: ‘What to do when body image is affecting your sex life’, Mashable, February 2020


“The experience may not have found her a boyfriend, but it inspired Almaz creatively: in 2018, she launched her own website, Kayleigh Daniels Dated, writing raunchy dating stories as a fictional character. Now that is a plot twist I wasn’t expecting”, writes Justin Myers in ‘Four weddings, four babies, one pair of lost knickers: celebrating 10 years of Blind date’, The Guardian, August 2019

“Kayleigh Daniels Dated is demonstrating that women of colour want to read erotica that features them. When we talk about sexual pleasure there are lots of women of colour that engage with it” says Dr Annabel Sowemimo in Episode 3 of Sex Power Money podcast with Sara Pascoe, August 2019

“The world of literotica is pretty vast, so we’ve rounded up some of the best (free!) erotic fiction you can find on the internet”, write Kasandra Brabaw in ‘12 Steamy and Free Erotic Literature Sites’, Refinery29, July 2019

“The erotic descriptions are elegant and hot, and the outlines of the sex are exquisite and delicate”, writes Abby, in ‘“We often forget that we are flesh and blood”: After get off work, she writes pornographic short stories at home alone to relieve anxiety’, A Day Magazine, January 2019

“Writing erotic fiction helps poet Almaz Ohene feel more present in her own body”, writes Sirin Kale in VICE, January 2019


“Women of colour-generated stories about the sex lives of women of colour are few and far between. Award-winning copywriter Almaz Ohene has decided to buck the trend with her daring sexual health platform”, write Joy Francis in ‘Sexual health platform featuring risqué short stories launched’, Words of Colour, October 2018

“Web platform Kayleigh Daniels Dated is the new way to immerse yourself into refreshing, realistic and relatable stories on all things dating, sex and relationships”, writes Beth Fuller in ‘This Online Platform Is Creating Explicit Dating Stories To Discuss Female Sexual Health’, Noa Vee, September 2018

“It’s an opportunity to break the stigma around black women who are dating. A somewhat over-told, perspective includes the sexualisation and fetishism of black women, with their partners perhaps fitting a certain stereotype. But all of Kayleigh’s pursuits are a variety of different physical and socio-economic types”, writer Rochelle Thomas in ‘The Truth About Sex Through Fiction’, Reform The Funk, September 2018