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Special Projects

Kayleigh Daniels Dated

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Playing on the concept ‘sex sells’, the web platform ‘Kayleigh Daniels Dated’ pairs 12 risqué short stories, by project creator Almaz Ohene, with 12 informative health features by expert writers.

Kayleigh Daniels, 30, is a fictional character whose unapologetically licentious dating exploits are published each month for a year, accompanied by a hot, full-colour illustration.

A theme from each story is developed and commissioned for its companion information feature – written by doctors, therapists and facilitators from the fields of gynaecology, sexual health, sex therapy, and psychiatry – to demystify taboos surrounding women’s sexuality.

The responsive website, featuring original illustrations by Visual-Ess, Parys Gardener, and iconography by Nat Mortimer, has been designed with a nod to millennial aesthetics – bright, clean visuals are teamed with a pared-back user experience and carefully curated social media channels.

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As Bare As You Dare

At the beginning of 2019, Almaz was approached by a pair of very talented, up-and-coming filmmakers, Romina Schade and Yana Stallein, from Germany.

They are currently working on a series of short films titled ‘As Bare As You Dare: Pure Fiction’, which take an intimate look at the creative processes of four women working in the arts.

Almaz’s work as a writer and violinist of colour is the subject of Episode II.
The pair shadow Almaz over the course of a few days, where she plays a violin solo on stage in a concert hall, reads some of her raunchy stories and deconstructs their themes with friends in a cosy café and talks candidly about how the ubiquity of whiteness within her chosen fields, has a profound impact on her life.

The film was premiered in London on 6 March 2020 as part of the ‘What Went Where?! Sexualities on Screen’ event programme.

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