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Talks, Podcasts and Radio

Talks and Panels

Black History Month talk, October 2020

As part of the Black History Month assembly series at Wingfield Academy in Rotherham, UK, Almaz presented a personal essay she wrote for British Vogue on what her grandparents’ meetcute at Cambridge in 1942, and mixed marriage almost a decade later, teaches us about Black British history.

Sexual communication & intimacy Q&A’, 30 July 2020

Almaz joined Georgie Coleridge Cole, Founder of SheerLuxe, on set of the brand’s YouTube channel.

She gave some advice on introducing new practices into your relationships, tips on how to integrate sex toys into your sex life, and much more.

Watch Almaz’s segment: 19:30mins – 32:15mins 

‘Structural Oppression: Why we need to highlight its significance now more than ever’, 4 June 2020

For the Sexplain Insta Live series, Almaz and Gayathiri Kamalankanthan discussed structural inequality in various industries including adland, journalism and education and how an intersectional approach is needed to be truly anti-racist.

The Instagram Live platform is free for all to watch, so those who joined were encouraged to donate to an organisation committed to challenging institutional racism in the UK. Sexplain made a donation and Almaz also gave a portion of her speaker’s fee to a racial justice fund.

Pornography as Pedagogy: what young people learn about sex from mainstream porn’, 30 Nov 2019

Almaz chaired a panel at the Sexplain annual conference. She mediated a nuanced discussion from panellists Nadia Deen, Founder, AM Appointment; Gayathiri Kamalankanthan, Decolonising Contraception Activist and Sexplain Facilitator; Nathaniel Cole, Sexplain and The Good Lad Initiative Facilitator; and George Karkera, Founder, IP Me South West (full PoC line-up!) on mainstream porn’s effect on juvenile sexuality. 

Read Sexplain’s round-up on their blog page:

Dating in the Digital Age, 7 April 2019

A deep dive into the issues that surround dating in the digital age and what exactly does this mean for the future of L.O.V.E.

Almaz took part in a panel discussion with Nadia Deen, Founder of AM Appointment, TEDx Alumna and Dating Guru, Hayley Quinn – chaired by Leah Kurta, Research Psychologist at i2 media research.

A Sexual Utopia: Sexual Wellbeing and Sexual Pleasure’, 14 March 2019

Hosted at SOAS University Student’s Union Decolonising Contraception brought together four self-styled ‘sexperts’ of colour to delve into how societal change can take us closer to destigmatising sex-related issues.

Chaired by Decolonising Contraception Founder Dr Annabel Sowemimo, panellists Gayathiri Kamalakanthan, a sex educator at Sexplain (an independent organisation which runs inclusive and comprehensive sex ed workshops in schools around the UK) and Nadia Deen, the founder, AM Appointment (an uncensored platform offering extensive advice and tips for women and people with vulvas on how to achieve their best orgasm during self-play) and Almaz discussed the taboos and myths around masturbation, barriers to accessing pleasure and provided key wellbeing information.

Watch full panel talk:
Read full transcript: COMING SOON

Radio and Podcasts

Today’ – BBC Radio 4’,18 September 2020

Almaz was invited on to ‘Today’ on BBC Radio 4 to discuss the furore surrounding the film ‘Cuties’.

Listen to the full segment until 16 October 2020: (from 2:45:28hours – 2:50:41hours)
Listen to clips via social media:

Today programme_Cuties

The Scene with Judi Love

Almaz was invited on to BBC Radio London chat show ‘The Scene with Judi Love’, where she explained the importance of inclusive sex education in schools (24:00 mins), why monogamy and gender binaries are social constructs (43:00 mins) and also discussed the fetishisation of Black bodies (1:57:39 hrs).

The show was recorded live at New Broadcasting House on Wednesday 4 March 2020.

Listen to full live show until 1 April 2020:
Listen to clips via social media:

Sexuality and Sensuality’, October 2020

Presented by Dr Annabel Sowemino and Edem B Ntumy, The Sex Agenda Podcast by the Decolonising Contraception Collective provides a round up of sexual health news, social justice issues and focuses on the work of those working to dismantle the everyday prejudice in the Sexual and Reproductive Health sector. Almaz joined them to chat about why monogamy doesn’t have to be the only model where we can have fulfilling sexual relationships and how minortised people can positively engage with sexual exploration.

Listen in full:

Erotic Fiction with Almaz Ohene’, July 2020

Laura and Rachel are the erudite and hilarious hosts of outré podcast ‘Girls on Porn’. Since its launch in mid-2019, the girls entertain tens of thousands of listeners each week by reviewing beautiful indie porn and roasting heinous materials on aggregate sites. Almaz joined them to chat about the art of writing erotica, her Kayleigh Daniels Dated project and the tragically unsexy writing found in passages nominated for the annual ‘Bad Sex in Fiction’ awards.

Listen in full:
Listen to clips via social media:

Writing and W**king with Almaz Ohene’, November 2019

Presented by Come Curious (Florence Barkway and Reed Amber), change-makers in the sex and body positivity space, ‘F**KS GIVEN’ aims to open up the conversation around our sexual past, asking us to celebrate all the f**ks you gave because they’re the ones that made you who you are.” 

Almaz chats about explicit sex in literature, how to discuss kinks with partners and transcendental orgasms.

Listen in full:

Writing Erotica Was the Surprising Antidote to My Anxiety’, January 2019

My First Time explores sexuality, gender, and kink with the wide-eyed curiosity of a virgin. We all know your ‘first time’ is about a lot more than just popping your cherry. From experimenting with kink to just trying something new and wild, everyone experiences thousands of first times in the bedroom – that’s how sex stays fun, right?

Almaz’s creative process for Kayleigh Daniels Dated was the subject of an episode of VICE podcast ‘My First Time’. Interviewed by podcast host Zing Tsjeng (Executive Editor, VICE UK).

Listen in full: