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International women’s day 2020 📝

I’m still reeling from the whirlwind that was my ‘What Went Where?! Sexualities on Screen’ event which took place – against all odds – on Friday 6 March.

Thanks to Dr Emma Chan, Gayathiri Kamalakanthan, Dr Yolanda Ohene, Rianna Raymond-Williams and Dr Annabel Sowemimo, who helped out at the event, and made sure that I didn’t have a hysterical meltdown in front of all my guests.

Thanks to German filmmakers Yana Stallein and Romina Schade, who discovered my ‘Kayleigh Daniels Dated’ project last year, and decided that they’d like to make a film about it for their four-part documentary series ‘As Bare As You Dare’.

KDD wouldn’t have made it into the world without the unwavering support of the following riot of women. I’m eternally grateful to have shared parts of my creative journey with you.

Firstly, the biggest thank yous go to Parys GardenerVisual-Ess and Nat Mortimer, who render all of my briefs with such flair – thank you for understanding my vision and getting your teeth stuck into the project so whole-heartedly.

Thanks to all of my sexperts – Dr Claire FerraroAbby GilfillianDr Emma ChanDr Anna HaighJimanekia EbornLeah Magoye and Katie Carlson – who have explained the all the ins and outs (haha!) in an accessible way. And more contributors are slated for the final few ‘Body Talk’ pieces, which will take us to the end of Season 1, so do make sure you keep visiting the site.

And thanks to Poppy Beale-Collins and Ellie Sellwood, my eagle-eyed proofreaders. They do an excellent job of ironing out all my mistakes.

I’ll end with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, the one I adopted for the KDD tagline: “…because well-behaved women rarely make history…”

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!  ♀️🙏🏾😀✊🏾

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