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Almaz Ohene πŸ˜€

Almaz (she/her) is an award-winning Creative Copywriter and Freelance Journalist, represented by Milly Reilly at Jo Unwin Literary Agency.

Recent Writing, Projects and Talks

Hunger magazine

β€˜The Importance of Decolonising Sexual Health and Wellness’


β€˜What does it mean to be human, now?’

Wellcome Collection

β€˜What we can all learn from polyamory’

Sex Talks

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Authenticity Arena – No. 02

The audio recording (here) and transcript (below) represent nine minutes of a chat I had with β€˜C’, who’s Mexican, gay and non-binary, who, at the time of interview in July 2021 was 31, single, and living in London. […]

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