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Almaz Ohene 😀

Almaz (she/her) is an award-winning Creative Copywriter and Freelance Journalist, represented by Milly Reilly at Jo Unwin Literary Agency.

Recent Writing, Projects and Talks

Hunger magazine

‘The Importance of Decolonising Sexual Health and Wellness’

HUNGER, May 2021

Wellcome Collection

Creative Consultancy 

September–Novembe 2020

‘What we can all learn from polyamory’

Split Banana, 13 April 2022

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Authenticity Arena – No. 02

The audio recording (here) and transcript (below) represent nine minutes of a chat I had with ‘C’, who’s Mexican, gay and non-binary, who, at the time of interview in July 2021 was 31, single, and living in London. […]

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