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Contact and FAQs πŸ“§

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in commissioning me to write for your outlet/brand?

My agent, Milly Reilly, handles everything book-related, certain writing commissions and all speaking requests. Her contact details can be found viaΒ

Sex Ed, Pleasure and Intimacy commissions will also need to go through Milly Reilly, who will negotiate fees on my behalf.

I manage my Copywriting, Branding and Creative Consultancy work.

Interested in booking me as a speaker at your event?

Before you get in touch, please think about the fee you’re able to offer. Will it be enough to cover the time spent preparing ahead of the event i.e. doing specific background reading and the preparation/writing of materials, and whether my travel costs will be covered, along with factoring in time spent travelling.

Interested in asking me to contribute to your research/academic project?

Please send a full outline describing the nature of the project, exactly what input you’d like from me, your projected outcomes, and which groups of people will ultimately benefit. Make sure you’re clear on the project’sΒ Diversity & Inclusion implications. I’m only able to help for suitable remuneration.

Pro bono/reduced rate work

I decide how much pro bono/reduced rate work I can feasibly afford to do at the beginning of each tax year. Once I reach my quota, I’m unable to say β€œyes” to anymore requests. But I refresh this pledge each year, so if you’ve had an initial β€œno”, feel free to get back in touch at a later date.

Requests to β€˜pick my brain’ will be treated as consultations – especially if deemed to fall under the umbrella of Diversity & Inclusion consulting – and will incur a charge. Please bear this in mind before you get in touch.