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Brand content by Almaz Ohene for a range of clients and outlets.

Client: Brand By Me

Brand By Me_Blog page

Brand By Me Content Lead

Project Role: Content Lead
Responsibilities: Content ideation and copywriting

Client: Wellcome Collection

Being Human Now; Part 1, Part 2

Project Role: Creative Consultant Responsibilities: Driving content and executional ideas; Interviewing subjects at on-location film shoots.

August 2020-October 2020

Freelance Contractor: Greenpeace UK

Art & Editorial Coordinator: Responsibilities: Art Directing creative materials (print and digital); creating long- and short-form content.

โ€˜Confronting Injustice: Racism and the Environmental Emergencyโ€™

Greenpeace UK x Runnymede Trust, August 2022

โ€˜Meet the young people of colour fighting for our planetโ€™

Greenpeace UK, July 2020

โ€˜Christmas gift ideas: 5 new books for environmental activistsโ€™

Greenpeace UK, December 2019

Client: Decolonising Contraception

Decolonising Contraception website rebrand

Project Role: Project Management and Copywriter

Julyโ€“October 2021

Client: Abram Wilson

Abram Wilson website rebrand

Project Role: Copywriter

Marchโ€“July 2021

Client: BetterShared

BetterShared web copy update

Project Role: Copywriter

July 2019

Client: Kayleigh Daniels Dated

Kayleigh Daniels Dated website creation

Project Role: Creative Director

January 2018โ€“July 2018

Client: Ferly

โ€˜Guided Touchโ€™, (10-minute guided pleasure practice)

Ferly app, February 2021

โ€˜Fantasy & Pleasureโ€™ (19-minute guided pleasure practice)

Ferly app, January 2021

Client: Dipsea

Audio story โ€“ โ€˜Close Shaveโ€™ (9 mins)

Dipseaย app, August 2019

Client: DHL โ€“ Brand Journalist

Agency: MAVERICK. Awards: Best Digital Campaign โ€“ Nominated, The Drum Marketing Awards 2019.

โ€˜Packaging as a marketing opportunityโ€™, first published March 2019

โ€˜Too much, too youngโ€™, September 2018

โ€˜Cosmetics 101โ€™, November 2019

โ€˜Why neurodiversity is essential for a successful businessโ€™, first published November 2018

Client:ย Barclays

Project Role: Brand Journalist. Agency: Speak Media. Awards: Best Corporate Website โ€“ Gold, Digital Impact Awards 2017.

โ€˜โ€œSuper 8โ€: the future of techโ€™, December 2017

โ€˜The female founders inspiring the next generationโ€™, July 2017

Client: European Parkinsonโ€™s Disease Association

Project Role: Contributing Editor. Agency: Speak Media. Awards: Best Charity Campaign โ€“ Highly Commended, Drum Network Awards 2017;ย Best Internet Resources โ€“ Highly Commended, British Medical Association Patient Information Awards 2016

โ€˜Thousands of campaigners from 170 countries set to #UniteForParkinsonsโ€™

Parkinsonโ€™s Life, April 2017