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Books written by, or in collaboration with, Almaz Ohene.

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Currently UntitledΒ by Almaz Ohene

In her belief that each of us has an innate capacity to experience tremendous physical pleasure, Almaz Ohene examines the global systems of capitalism, colonialism and patriarchy, via the combined narrative modes of memoir and theoretical frameworks. By interviewing dozens of diverse subjects – many of them from marginalised groups – she questions whether freedom and autonomy can lead us to explode the myth of mono-heteronormativity as the cultural norm.

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Dating & Sex: The Theory Of Mutual Self-Destruction, Various Authors (SuperChamp Books, 2021)

Includes β€˜Cross-generational Desire and the Fallacy of the Father Complex’, an essay by Almaz Ohene.

ISBN: 978-1-64404-001-0
Paperback: 254 Pages
Price: $24.99
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