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Almaz Ohene’s recent journalism for various publications and outlets.



β€˜How do you know if the porn you consume is ethical’

β€˜LustZine’ from ErikaLust, December 2022

β€˜What It’s Like To Have Sex With A Man Twice Your Age’, British Vogue

β€˜We Need To Talk About The Links Between Sex, Race And Colonialism’, British Vogue

β€˜Automated Social Control: The Biases of the Algorithms’, Byline Times

β€˜Setting boundaries for casual dating’, Feeld

β€˜How to spot – and change – your negative dating patterns’, Feeld

β€˜How colonialism affects sexuality’, Feeld

β€˜Primary school children are already accessing pornography – pretending it doesn’t exist won’t help them’, Independent

Β β€˜The History of Pornography’, β€˜LustZine’ from ErikaLust

β€˜Dating apps have created a culture of entitlement’ Mashable

β€˜Almaz Ohene: A Letter To My Younger Self – The Way You Choose To Express You Sexuality Is Valid’,Β β€˜My Morning After’ from EllaOne

β€˜Sexplain’s Instagram account censored and deactivated by algorithms’, Sexplain

β€˜We-Vibe Chorus review: App and intuitive squeeze remote make for great multi-faceted play’, SEXTECHGUIDE

β€˜What going without sex has taught me’ The Single Supplement

β€˜How To Empower Yourself To Set Sexual Boundaries’, β€˜The Truth’ from Badoo

β€˜Why You Don’t Need To Play It Cool On Dates’, β€˜The Truth’ from Badoo

β€˜Tips For Meeting YourΒ Date’s Friends For The First Time’, β€˜The Truth’ from Badoo

β€˜How To Deal With Rejection’, β€˜The Truth’ from Badoo

β€˜A Guide To Consensual Sexting’, β€˜The Truth’ from Badoo

β€˜How To Talk About Sexual Health With A Date’, β€˜The Truth’ from Badoo

β€˜These Sex Educators Want to Teach Schoolkids About Porn’, Vice