Almaz Ohene

Improving Intimacy Part 2 work booklet

Improving Intimacy Part 2 🎟

Includes six-page printable companion PDF workbook with print-out-and-build β€˜Sex Menu’.

Participants will:

  • Learn how trust and clear communication can help push exciting sexual boundaries.
  • Lean into introspection and self-knowledge to discover your sexual potential.
  • Work up to sharing your explicit materials preferences and sexual bucket list with your partner(s).

Includes six-page printable companion PDF workbook with print-out-and-build β€˜Sex Menu’, ethical pornography outlet recommendations for all genders, and sex toy reviews and recommendations for all genders.

What Peeps Have Said...

β€œThe workshop with Almaz was a perfect hen activity, especially for hens who might not want a butler in the buff but do want to add a little bit of naughty nudity. Almaz made us feel comfortable from the start and led a conversation about sex from a female lens which is often left out! It was a light-hearted but informative session about sex, pleasure and female empowerment.”

Anon., hen party guest, June 2023

β€œWhen I joined Almaz’s workshop, I felt welcomed into an environment where people were able to speak about sexual intimacy openly, honestly and with positivity. Just being present for that was a positive experience for me, let alone some of the unexpected things I learnt about sex toys, indie porn sites and affiliate links!”

Anon., online workshop participant, July 2020

β€œI had such a wonderful time during the Intimacy Workshop. I learned new ways to communicate my desires, bring toys into my play, and even discovered a whole plethora of ethical porn I'm excited to explore. The conversations we had left me feeling nourished, inspired, and – dare I say – aroused! I can’t wait for Almaz’s next event series! (There’ll be more right?)”

Oli, online workshop participant, July 2020