Almaz Ohene

Writing Romance work booklet

Writing Romance 🎟

Almaz guides participants through a range of storytelling techniques.

Originally developed as a dynamic hen-do activity, Almaz guides participants through storytelling techniques, including tips on sketching characters, plotting narratives, writing dialogue and avoiding (or subverting) common tropes.

Participants will be taught how to:

  • Perfect the art of storytelling by learning how to harness some of your own experiences, secrets, and fantasies to create engaging narratives.
  • Craft realistic characters with credible backstories, alongside developing entertaining (read, steamy) story arcs.

Includes six-page printable companion PDF workbook outlining key storytelling techniques; including tips on sketching characters, plotting narratives, writing dialogue and avoiding (or subverting) common tropes.

What Peeps Have Said...

β€œAlmaz hosted a fun workshop for our hen-do, guiding us all through writing our own erotic fiction. It was so great to do something different on a hen-do and got us all talking, laughing and bonding – just what’s needed! It also worked really well over zoom, we didn’t feel like we lost any of the fun of it from being remote.”

Georgia, in-person hen party guest, June 2021

β€œIt was a great introduction and helped me to begin with my idea of writing erotic short stories, what I had in mind for so long time. I’m very grateful for the worksheet, which will help me to stay tuned with that idea. I would definitely recommend your workshop.”

Anna, online workshop participant, March 2021

β€œThis workshop enabled me to tap into an erotic creativity that I’ve not experimented with before. Almaz was an energising and shame-free workshop leader, and I felt safe to explore new areas of writing!”

Gayathiri, online workshop participant, July 2020

β€œAlmaz’s workshop clearly exceeded my expectations by having a clear structure that enables you learn the craft right from the beginning of the workshop. Her experience just oozes out of the method she teaches in the workshop, and I hope she either offers a video course or an extended version of the workshop in form of an online course soon!”

Anon., online workshop participant, July 2020

β€œI thoroughly enjoyed Almaz’s workshop and really feel like I was able to develop my literary skills. It was such a safe, welcoming environment and so much fun to write and share work with others. It was so different to anything else I’ve done – would definitely recommend.”

Ammaarah, online workshop participant, April 2020

β€œAlmaz’s writing romance workshop was a breath of fresh air compared to your average hen do activity. From start to finish it was fun, engaging and brilliantly facilitated so that everyone got involved. Would definitely recommend!”

Kylie, in-person hen party guest, January 2020

β€œWhat seemed like it could’ve been very awkward and embarrassing actually ended up being really fun, thought provoking and exciting! Would definitely recommend to friends, it was so great to do something different!”

Jenny, in-person hen party guest, January 2020